How do vocabularies work in GoSpeech?

Vocabulary can be used to increase the probability that a spoken word will be assigned the desired individual spelling. This is particularly useful for specialized vocabulary, proper names, and words with different spellings. Created vocabularies have one written and up to ten spoken forms.

What is the difference between a written and a spoken form?

A vocabulary word has exactly one written form. This is the written form that should be set automatically in the transcript when one of the up to ten stored spoken forms for this vocabulary is said in the audio or video track. A brief example for better understanding: Written form: gnocchi Spoken forms: nyohki; nokey; nochi; gnotschi

Does a spoken form need to be deposited?

No, but spoken forms significantly increase the likelihood that a word will be spelled as desired.

Can a vocabulary item be created multiple times?

Yes, the written form of a vocabulary item can be created multiple times. Spoken forms, on the other hand, are unique and therefore can only be added to a written form.

How many vocabularies can I create?

Up to 1000 vocabularies can be created per language.

Can a vocabulary be created for multiple languages?

A vocabulary can be created either for a specific language or for all languages. This makes sense for proper names, for example. If a vocabulary is to be created for several, but not all languages, the vocabulary must be created for each language individually.

What are dictionaries?

In GoSpeech, individual vocabulary items are managed in dictionaries in the sense of a folder structure. This allows you to flexibly decide which dictionaries should be used for the transcription of a file.

How many dictionaries can I create?

Up to ten dictionaries per user are possible.

What do I need to keep in mind when transcribing a file so that my vocabulary is used correctly?

In the upload mask, under "further settings" -> "vocabulary", it is possible to select which dictionaries are to be used for the transcription of the uploaded file. It is not possible to apply the vocabulary after the transcription. Therefore, please be sure to check in advance which dictionaries are to be used for the respective file.

Why is a word for which I created a vocabulary still spelled as before?

An applied vocabulary does not provide a hundred percent guarantee that a word will be spelled correctly, as the pronunciation in the audio track may differ slightly. However, the probability for the given spelling is significantly increased. To further influence this probability, additional spoken forms can be added to a word.

The spelling of a word is generally wrong. What can I do?

Feel free to use our feedback function by highlighting the word in the transcript, clicking on the blue plus symbol and selecting "Suggest another spelling". In the mask that opens, you can give us a suggestion for the correct spelling of the word. We will check the case promptly and adjust our speech recognition so that the word will be recognized correctly in the future.

How can I create vocabulary?

There are three possibilities. You can create vocabularies manually one by one by selecting a dictionary in the vocabulary menu and creating a new entry, or you can select a word in a transcript, click on the blue plus symbol and select "add to vocabulary" and create a new entry here. If several vocabularies are to be added to a dictionary, it is recommended to import vocabulary lists.

How does import of vocabulary lists work?

Import of a new dictionary or import of several vocabularies into an existing dictionary is possible.

What do I have to consider when uploading?

The correct file format is essential. Currently it is possible to import .xls, .xlsx and .csv files. The first line contains the headings of the columns: "word": Exactly one written form for the word must be stored here. "spoken form": Up to ten different forms can be added here. Please separate individual forms with a semicolon. "language": The language of the word must be entered here. Please use the country code list for this (ISO-3166-1 code list - Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/w...

Which import formats are accepted?

Currently it is possible to import .xsl, .xslx and .csv files.

What are the possible error messages and how to solve each of them?

Error message Recommended procedure The connection to the server was interrupted. Please make sure you have a stable internet connection during the upload. The file format is not supported. Please use only .xls, .xlsx, or .csv files. The header row of the table is missing or incorrectly named. Please add a header to your file. The name of the columns is "word" / "spoken form" / "language". The order of the columns is not correct. Please rearrange the co...

I get an error message when importing vocabulary, what can I do?

You have the option to skip the words where an error message occurs and perform the import without them. Or you can cancel the import, fix the errors and run the import again.

How can I use the same vocabulary as my employee?

Your employee can export their dictionaries and provide them with the file. They can then import this file to their account.