What can I do if I have not received an email with a download link?

It can happen that emails unintentionally end up in the spam folder or are blocked by the firewall, which prevents them from showing up in your inbox.

Here are a few tips to prevent this from happening:

Add senders to your address book

All emails sent by GoSpeech have the following domain @gospeech.com. You might therefore consider adding this domain to your address book or ask your network administrator to do so.

Check SPAM folder

Emails from GoSpeech can get stuck in SPAM filters. Check the SPAM folder in your email inbox to see if the message ended up there. If it is not in your local SPAM folder, ask your network administrator if the message may be blocked at the network level.

Consult with your administrator

If you have tried the above recommendations and still cannot receive mail from GoSpeech, you may need to contact your administrator to see if your domain is reachable.

If you are not receiving mail despite this measure, please inform us about it via support@gospeech.com.