In the Go Speech Editor, keywords are determined and output with every audio and video recording. By clicking on the "W" in the upper right corner of the "Search" field, you can access the keywords. If you click on one of the keywords, this word will be displayed with a green border in the text.

If you want to add a keyword yourself, you have two options. In both cases, the added word will subsequently appear in the list of keywords. On the one hand, you can select the desired word in the transcript and add it using the plus button that appears.


On the other hand, you can use the pencil button in the upper right corner next to the keywords to open a menu that allows you to search for specific keywords or add new ones. To add a new keyword, enter it in the input field and then click on Create. Within the menu you also have the possibility to edit or delete the keywords you have found or added. To do so, simply click on the respective word in the list.