What is the status of my uploaded file?

When you upload a file, the different statuses of your file change depending on the process step. First, the file is uploaded - status: "Uploading". After successful upload, the file is sent for speech recognition and the status is: "In recognition". If the file is language recognised and ready to be edited and corrected by you, the status changes to "Ready for correction". As soon as you start editing the file, then the status changes to "in editing". Once the editing is finished, then you can ...

Changing column width and repositioning columns

Change the column width as soon as the cursor changes to the | symbol and move the columns as you like as soon as the cursor changes to the ⇔ symbol.

Change columns

Click on the three dots on the right in the header of the recordings list and select which columns should be displayed. Then you can drag and drop the columns into the desired order.

My Internet connection is interrupted during upload

If the Internet connection is interrupted while uploading an audio or video file, the upload process stops. As soon as the connection is re-established, the upload process will continue. If the web page is refreshed during the upload process, a message appears indicating how to proceed. In the case of an update, the upload process is aborted; file parts that have already been uploaded are not saved.

How can I delete files?

To delete a file from the "Your recordings" list, select the recording you want to delete and then click the "Delete" button. You can select one or more recordings and delete them in one step.

What happens to my files when I switch to another plan?

Your files will remain in your account.