In the Go Speech Editor, keywords are determined and output with every audio and video recording. By clicking on the "W" in the upper right corner of the "Search" field, you can access the keywords. If you click on one of the keywords, this word will be displayed with a green border in the text. If you want to add a keyword yourself, you have two options. In both cases, the added word will subsequently appear in the list of keywords. On the one hand, you can select the desired word in the tra...

Notepad and 2nd notepad

The recognised text is edited in the GoSpeech online editor. Audio and text are kept synchronised in the transcript. This allows quick highlighting, editing and correcting or searching of your transcript. The Notpad is the practical and clear extension of the Online Editor. You can easily drag text parts or sections from the transcript into the Notpad and compile them into a new document - exactly according to your needs. For example, you can quote text passages from a transcribed interview ...

Editor Icons

The GoSpeech Editor is a convienient online editor with the common formatting and editing functions descriebd in detail here. Icon-Leiste Undo Redo Select font ans font size Fontcolor Hihglight Bold Italic Underline Strike Subscript Superscript Quote Flush left Centered Flush right Justification Bullet list Nummerated list Increase indent Decrease indent Show / hide Transkript Show / hide Notepad

How can I Insert a speaker in the recognized text?

The key combination ALT+ENTER inserts a new segment with a speaker in the editor. The new speaker is positioned after the cursor.

Which formats are supported for export?

When exporting, the file formats docx, pdf and txt can be selected.

Speaker change not recognised

If speaker changes are not recognised automatically, they can easily be added later. To do this, click in front of the first word of the new speaker and press the key combination "ALT + ENTER". The following text will now be assigned to a new speaker. Similarly, you can also merge speaker segments of two speakers and assign them to the first of the two speakers. This might be necessary if the system has detected a speaker change where no change has taken place. To do this, simply click in ...

Can I also work offline with GoSpeech?

If you lose your internet connection, an information message will appear at the very top of the page. As soon as the connection is re-established, you will receive a status message that you are back online. In offline mode, only very limited work is possible; changes in the recording list and in the editor are not saved.. You should re-establish an Internet connection as soon as possible.

Available keyboard shortcuts

In GoSpeech, shortcuts and hotkeys are available in the editor for easier and more comfortable operation. You can find the current list of available shortcuts in GoSpeech in the help area. Click on the ? icon and select Editor Hotkeys.

How can I export a recognised text?

To export text from the editor click on the Export button and follw the instructions.